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    Improving performance in Unity mode

    GabrielM Enthusiast



      Anybody here has tips to improve performance in Unity mode? I always find typing and scrolling to be sluggish and always end up going back to windowed mode. I was hoping that VMware Fusion 3 would improve this but the performance is still the same. I trying with WDDM and 3D enabled under Windows 7, didn't help either. I have a MacPro with 10gb of RAM, 4gb assigned to my VM.



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          Gryzor Novice

          As a 2.06 user with the same hardware (and also 10gb of ram) and two monitors, I'm looking forwards to any tip.


          I was looking forwards for VMware 3.0 to bring unity to an usable state on multiple monitors, but I guess that's too much to ask. I might have to try Parallels again. I have a Mac Pro early 2008 with 8 cores and an NVIDIA 8800 yet unity is super slow when scrolling and moving windows.

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            schleuss Novice

            i second that, its barely useable even on such high end hardware.



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              What application specifically are you having issues with, how much screen area is the scrollable region taking up and do you have any surfaces/windows overlapping that area on the Windows side? Are you running any apps on Mac OS X at the same time that would allocate some sort of 3D surface perhaps?


              I'm running Windows 7 32-bit with 3GB allocated on the 3.0 release with the default WDDM and 3d enabled on the latest 17" MacBook Pro with 8GB, etc.. I actually have no issues at all with the Unity scrolling performance in Visual Studio 2008 running in a maximized window until I launch my Mac-native World of Warcraft (purely to test this issue of course) either on the same Space or another Space.




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                Gryzor Novice

                Well, I too play WoW occasionally, and usually when I do it, I have two vmwares: Vista 32 and XP 32. (VS2008 and SQL respectively).


                The performance of VS 2008 inside Vista is "acceptable" (although sometimes noticeably slower than that I had with Parallels back in 3.0). However, if I switch to Unity, window redraw (in Windows applications) becomes as sluggish as you can possibly imagine.


                This is not a tools/install/etc. problem. I've been using both VMware and Parallels since the first Apple Intel computer. Unity and Coherence are definitively slower in terms of redraw and screen movement. Now I don't know what VMware 3.0 brings to the table but 2.06 is as bad as usual.


                I have two screens, running different resolutions but neither Windows Vista (32 and 64) nor XP 32 had problems driving this setup under boot camp native. OS X of course has no problems whatsoever.


                It is only when you activate Unity where things go down…


                I had this problem on a 1st Gen Macbook Pro and still have it on a Mac Pro 2.8 dual  quad.core with 10gb Ram and an NVIDIA 8800. This is not a hardware issue AFAIK.