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    unable to remove orphaned and inaccessible vm from inventory.

    jwnchoate Enthusiast


      Had a crash during an svmotion, vm orphaned and tried to readd to inventory but no luck.  I have since restored the vm from a san snapshot and deleted all the original files and it now sits in a whole new folder but I cannot remove the 2 infentory items I tried to readd it after the intial failure.



      I have rebooted the server, I have restarted mgmt-vmware, vmware-vmkauthd, and vmware-vpxa. -- several times now.



        vmware-cmd -l on host does not list any references to the ghosted vm.  cannot remove from vclient



      vitoolkit (powershell) will list the 2 vms,



      get-vm -Name vmname  -

      produces the name of the vm object.



      but I cannot:



      get-vm -Name vmname | remove-vm  -- doesnt work because I get this error message..."Remove-VM : 5/11/2009 9:05:02 PM    Remove-VM    A general system error occurred: You must power off the virtual machine and complete the migration before invoking this operation."



      nothing I have been trying gets me to remove the orphan.