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    PCI Passthru for NT4

    NT4boy Novice





      Via the white list I have set up an ECS GeForce6100PM-M2:V3  mobo with SATA drive, Intel NIC  etc, and esxi 4 installs from ide CD without issue.



      AMD Athlon X2 processor 2.9



      I have installed the NT4 machine via OEM cd's, and patched to SP6 and installed ie6, and am hugely impressed that everything seems to work eg I've joined it to the main dowmain, and it'll surf the internet, (at blinding speed I may add), so far so good.



      However, the point of this exercise is to get test bed controller software to install and talk to its client via a PCI card.



      This kinda works, but the PCI card communications don't.



      I think I need to setup VMDirectPath but VSphere says that nothing is set to allow this, and here I think I have an issue with the mobo, as I cannot see anything in the BIOS that refers to virtualization or IOMMU.



      Any Ideas if this is surmountable, or do I give up with the mobo and try something else please?