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    Regarding C# client plugins

    klotsky88 Lurker

      The VMware site for client plugins states the following as a note under C# client plugins:


      "Note: This plug-in style is deprecated. In the future, the C# API will not be used by VMware products. If you plan to build a vSphere Client plug-in, please see our community for information on which style of plug-in is right for you."


      However, I havent found anything on the communities which directs me to the correct resource to develop a plugin which will be used by VMware products in the future.

      Could anyone, tell or point me to the correct resource regarding plugin development ?

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          LeeTheMC Novice


          I'm not a VMware employee, so take this for what it's worth.  I believe that disclaimer regarding the deprecation relates to the fact that all new VMware user interfaces are being developed using FLEX.  And there is a rough plan to port the vSphere client from .NET based (current) to FLEX based, but all estimates that I have received indicate that this will not happen for 2 years.  So if you want your plug-in to function anytime in the next 1-2 years then you'll need to develop for .NET.  Obviously, if there is anyone listening who has intimate knowledge of this plan, I'd be interested to hear it.  Thanks.






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            klotsky88 Lurker

            You are right. The pdf in the next post from VMware Technology Exchange session mentions it.