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    Utilize more host CPU for guest VMs

    Nikhil Patwa Expert


      I have a Dell PowerEdge Server 2950 installed with 2 Quadcore Intel processors, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk space, installed with Windows Server 2003 R2 and have installed VMWare server console version 1.0.3 build 44356. I normally have 5-7 virtual machines powered on and the performance of the guest is very slow, most of the time the guest CPU is peaking at 90% while the Host CPU is hardly being utilizied and is always less than 10%.



      Is there a way I can allocate more host CPU to the guest. I know with VMWare Server Console a guest VM can have maximum of 2 processors but this also does not help much. I want the host CPU to be allocated to guest so as to boost the VMs' performance .This server is dedicated for VMs only and there is no other application running. 



      Do let me know if there are any limitations also with using VMWare Server Console.