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    DL180 G6

    c_pradelli Novice





      Has anybody test ESXi4 on a HP DL180 G6 server?, it's not in the official HCL for ESXi 4 but it's for ESX4 (why the difference?)



      The hardware is:



      HP NC362i Dual Port NIC



      HP Smart Array P410






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          DSTAVERT Guru

          It may not be in the official HCL for ESXi simply because it hasn't gone through testing. If you have the equipment I would just install. Use the HP version download from the HP website.

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            c_pradelli Novice


            I don't have the equipment, I'm looking for buying it, but I want to be sure it will work before.



            Another thing that I see in the forums is that a BBWC is needed for optimum performance with P410 controller, but I don't know if this is always or only if you arrange disk in array configuration.



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              DSTAVERT Guru

              BBWC is an always. I would talk to HP and see if they support ESXi on the machine.

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