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    VMware guest performance issue

    AGardner Lurker


      I am having a nightmare issue in regards to VM guest performance.  We have an ESX 3.5 u4 cluster with three hosts.  All existing guest are fine na run without issue.  If I try and create a new virtual machine from either a template or from scratch, it installs fine.  As soon as I start to use it, the machine performs like a dog.  It becomes incredibly slow and reboots can take ten minutes (as opposed to about 20 seconds on existing machines). Ping response times are all over the place ranging from <1ms to over 3000.



      The guest is not in a resource group, I've rebooted all the host servers and I'm currently migrating the machine to a different LUN.  Looked in the event log on the machine, the vmware.log, vmkernel, etc and no issues are reported.  Perfmon in the VM appears to report normal operation and the performance chart in vCenter looks Ok.  NO idea what is going on.  Atatached is the vmware.log extract for reference, any help is greatly appreciated.