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    Use of RAID1 on the ESX host

    robwm Novice





      I am installing ESXi 4.0 on a server with an ASUS P5M2motherboard which has a built in RAID. I would like to have it configured as RAID1 for fault tolerance but experienced an unexpected result.



      I started by configuring my server with RAID1. During the installation, I was prompted to select which disk to install ESXi on. With the RAID enabled and installing Windows, Windows would see the RAID as only one drive. ESXi is smart enough to know there are 2 drives even thought the RAID is configured.



      Should I just configure RAID1, install on disk0 and figure that the RAID will replicate the data to both drives? I'm just kind of confused that the ESXi installation presented both drives instead of it thinking there was only one like you would expect.









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