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    Adaptec 3805 - Wont Boot

    Exie Novice


      Hi Folks,



      I've got a new box as follows:



      Mothboard: Intel S3210SH



      Case: Intel SC5299UP



      Controller: Adaptec 3805



      Drives: 4 x WD Black 1TB SATA (Raid 5)






      I'm installing ESXi 4.0 build 146009 ... it installs find, but wont boot. It stops with the onscreen "Loading vfat" then errors out with:



      "Failed to find boot partition"






      I've tried disabling/enabling ACPI, disabling the on-board SATA controller etc. but still no joy. Any ideas ? ... everything appears to be on the HCL what am I missing to make this work ?