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    whitebox hardware for esxi

    LucasAlbers Expert


      We are buying a test server to run esxi.  We are looking to get a tyan motherboard with intel processor.



      The issue we are encountering is that vmware server is not scaling to the number of machines we find ourselves running on the hardware.



      My opinion is that we will have to switch to esxi from vmware server, based on my experience with both.



      Now don't get me wrong vmware server 1 and 2, , (and even gsx server), are great, but they don't appears to scale beyond a set number of concurrently running virtual machines.



      We plan to run 25 to 30 windows 7 desktops with 2 gigs of ram apiece, half x86 half x64 running concurrently.



      Used for testing a client application, visual studio debugging, and office applications.



      In your opinion would vmware server scale to this level of demand?



      What would it scale to? 



      I think not, I think vmware server will fall over.



      Can you reccomend a (tyan) (or new intel) motherboard that supports esxi?



      That is you personally have installed esxi on it, and it appears to work.



      Yes, our production systems are all dell rack hardware, and if I could get rack systems I would get them for this purpose, but I cannot.



      Yes. I have looked at all the whitbox list and perhaps the motherboard model does not really matter, I can't find the information on those web pages.



      Thank you. Sigh.