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    getting started with the perl api?

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      I'm after a pointer or two in the right direction to get started with the perl api for vmware -  I've read around and have ended up not sure about which api I should be using. The ESX environment is v2.5.



      My requirement is to collect performance data from the VM guests (cpu/mem/disk/net) and some configuration data (disk to lun map/mem & cpu allocations etc).  I'm saying this only in case it affects the selection of API. 



      I have also seen some docs/sample scripts that mention a list of attributes that can come from the guest - are these documented completely somewhere just in case I need more later?



      I've seen talk of vSphere cli for perl 4.0 (sounds odd as perl is 5.x now), also version 1.5 and 1.6 of the perl api.  VIX too.  I'm guessing vmware have been changing names as they develop the products, but since I'm at VC 2.5 I'm sure sure at which point in the lifecycle I should be at.  If there is a readme that explains this lot just let me know.



      Thanks in advance.