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    Areca drivers (beta) - Disk not recognized

    Loenhoet Lurker



      I recently upgraded my machine from VirtualServer 2 to

      ESXi4. The RAID-controller was unsupported (not on the HCL-list). After a few

      days, Areca released a beta-driver for the controller. I followed the attached

      guidelines, and the device was recognized (under Storage Devices). However, the

      created disk is not recognized. Did I miss something? Or any suggestions? The

      RAID-volume is larger than 2 Gb, which is unsupported in ESXi, but if that was

      the problem, the disk should be recognized. I have no clue.


      My system specs:



      • Asus       NCCH-DL,82875P (LAN, SATA-RAID,PCI-X)

      • 2x Intel Xeon       2.8GHz  (604, Single, 2.8GHz, 1MB,       4x200MHz FSB, Boxed)

      • 4x 512MB       Kingston Memory (PC-3200)

      • Areca ARC-1110 (4x SATA300 RAID, XOR, 128MB, PCI-X)

      • 4x Samsung       Spinpoint F1 DT HD753LJ, 750GB SATA-300, 32MB, 7200rpm