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    EVC Mode Issues w/ Xeon E5440, X5470 and X5560

    BrennanB Enthusiast

      Need to add a new Dell R710 . So I went through the steps of creating new cluster with EVC Mode of Intel® Xeon® 45nm Core™ 2.  All hosts are running are 3.5 U4.

      Moved a host off of old cluster into new cluster and then tried migrating VM's from old cluster to new EVC enabled cluster. When validating, the VM's are kicking up the mismatch error which from my undersntading shouldnt be happening between these CPU's.  We have 3 hosts with Xeon 5440 and one with a Xeon 5740 so I didnt think we would have this issue. Should I have set the EVC mode to Intel® Xeon® Core™ 2 instead of Intel® Xeon® 45nm Core™ 2?






























      Host 1-3 = Xeon E5440

      Host 4 = Xeon X5470




      New Host = X5560