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    Automatic Add and Remove RDM on VM

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      I can not find the way to unhook from a Linux virtual machine disk (RDM) and assign another.

      The motivation of this activity is' due to the fact that I have to be coupled, each day the LUN, where the database of Prodi, on a test environment, so every day I should clone the LUN (storage management ok) Remove the LUN above the VM and attach the LUN cloned.


      Carrying out this process should automatically.



      Could you help me.

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          RParker Guru

          It's the hard drive.  You remove the hard drive (don't delete from disk, unless this is your intention) which will remove from VM.  Add another hard drive and point that to existing RDM.


          You can probably script this via Remote Command line utility, but that may be next to impossible, because the LUN name will probably change, and depending on how you clone it, it may be random.

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            commands via the storage I can identify what the name of Mon Know kindly tell me in general what are the commands to remove and add the RDM?

            Also with esx4 and 'can hook a physical HBA to a virtual machine? If this were the case would be fully resolved.

            Thanks for your kind response to a.