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    Urgently Required Vmware interview questions!

    vDeepak Hot Shot


      Hi All,



      I need Vmware interview questions to crack the interviews..although i read the book and have some exp to..but need to know what type of questions are sked in interviews.



      I alrady googled lot but hard to get any thing exact and also i digged over vmware community but i am unable to get good stuff at one place.



      Suggest you all to post here your questions and answers..preferably in some attachement of .doc etc so that its easy to download and read and enter in Virtualization.



      Also its not for any specific profile under vmware..i just need the in general questions that are asked for vmware admin profile..kindly post as much as u can just looking over vmware admin profile.



      Kindly revert ASAP..



      Thanks in advance!!



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          Chuck8773 Expert

          Are you asking for answers to the VMWare exam questions?  I certainly hope not.  If not, I don't really know for what you asking.





          Charles Killmer, VCP


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            dtracey Expert


            Hi vDeepak,



            When I interview people who claim to have VMware experience and/or a VCP i usually ask questions that allow the candidate to demonstrate his/her troubleshooting methodology.  In short I try and find out their 'real world' experience, not the knowledge required to pass the VCP exam. 



            For example i might ask "You have a four node ESX cluster and one of your hosts appears disconnected from VC but all guests are still running - how would you troubleshoot this?" 



            As their is no right or wrong answer, I am looking more at their thought process.  I would expect them to mention checking events and alarms, licensing, checking network connectivity to the ESX host, connecting to the host (directly via VI client or via SSH etc) and looking at log files (bonus points for mentioning the hostd.log and vpxa logs), and checking whether or not the management services are running etc... 



            I also usually ask a question such as "How would you manage contention for resources within a VMware cluster?"



            I would expect a candidate to mention resource pools, shares, limits and reservations, and how they would employ each.



            I like to answer questions that lead on to other questions!  Thats the only way to ascertain the depth of someones knowledge.  Asking them "how many hosts can you have per HA cluster?" just doesnt do it!






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              vDeepak Hot Shot


              Hi Chuck and all,



              Thanks you all for your response!



              Am searching questins that are asked for Vmware interview..its in general interview questions for Vmware admin and  for not any specific profile under vmware.



              Request you post as others did.



              Also i gone through the http://communities.vmware.com/thread/158808  and http://communities.vmware.com/thread/158808 but thats too muchdiffracted posts..



              is it possible for someone to post as much as much he/she can.This is so i want this post to be reference /Master post for  further post.



              Please post here and if possible attach some doc or pdf for interview questions..so that its easy for candidate to download and learn and crack interview.









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                azn2kew Champion


                I've seen these questions posted at many places and hopefully you came across if not, please remember there isn't any answer to your interview questions.  Each time people have different questions and ways of interviewing.  I hope that you have enough hands on and logistics enough to understand overall VMware solutions.  You should be very comfortable with VMware ESX/vSphere architecture, implementation, administration and supports.  You should know precisely 3rd party vendors solutions that work for each scenario or tasks.  You should at least know more about SRM, View, Lab Manager, ThinApp even though you're not specialize in these but employers want to know what you know if they need to implement them.  I suggest you at least knowledgeable with networking, storage, database, security, systems, DR and virtualization as a whole, since all of these are plays a critical role in collaboration and project meetings.  You need to know these by heart so you can effectively discuss during the job interviews or project discussion.  I really suggest you read as much guides as you can and learn from there.  The more interviews you have the better you prepare for next one but keep in mind the key questions or knowledge should surround with architecture, implementation, management and support.  There are too many paper VCPs out there that doesn't seems to recognize the fundamentals of knowledge requirements for the job.  Would you rather be ready for the job or just prepare to pass the job interview?  I would come in with confidence and truly explain what you've done and what you know and admit your weakness and they would love it better then you just trying to bully with them.  I can come up with at least 30 questions to throw at you but its worthless, job candidates involves intregrity, knowledge and willingness to learn and learn that's the key.  They do not expect you to know everything but enthusiasts and passion usually gives you the job.


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                Stefan Nguyen

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                  NarayanCharan Novice

                  Hi Deepak...


                  You can find good interview questions in the following link




                  And other aricles and videos related to Virtualization at http://www2.isupportyou.net/


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                    KKVP Lurker

                    Hi Chuck8773,     


                    Your response was really helpful


                    Hi azn2kew,     


                    I completely agree with your view, however in the job market there are few employers who would accept that you don't have sufficient hands on, and offer you job.     


                    My views are,   


                    1. Master the fundamentals (watch CBT, read VMware documentation....etc)   

                    2. Play with a Lab (build a home lab)   

                    3. Participate in VMware forums (you will come to know few real world issues)   

                    4. Subscribe to Vexpert bloggers and read their articles



                    Anyone can add to this list,





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                      Dayang8 Lurker

                      One of the questions I usually ask candidates during interview:


                      Draw the architecture diagram and explain 'Stretched cluster'.


                      I get really interesting answers!