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    Snapshot error

    pizang Novice

      After upgrade to vSphere and ESXi4 I have problem with making snaphots for 2 VMs.


      One machine has 2 disk

      system disk of size 10 GB - 175 GB of free space

      data disk of 500GB - 200MB of free space




      When  I try to make a snapshot an erorr appears:




      File <unspecified filename> is larger than the maximum size

      supported by datastore '<unspecified datastore>










      I thought it was a problem with block size (2MB) that is limiting file size to 0,5TB. I have created a new LUN the same size as the old one - 512GB. I have

      created a new VMFS volume with 4MB block size (so it can hold files as

      big as 1TB). I have powered down my VM and moved disk 2 (data disk) to

      new VMFS.


      To my surprise I received  exactly the same error.


      Is, by any means, block size of configuration file's partition involved?

      What I mean is that VM configuration file and VM system disk is stored

      on partition with block size of 1MB. I have checked and only two VM has

      problem with snapshot and both of them (and only them) have virtual

      disks larger than 256GB. As snapshot file is stored on disk where

      configuration file is located maybe it can cause a problem? Maybe

      system is checking block size of snapshot partition?