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    Is there a workaround for ESXi v4 to see the HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID controller on the ML150G6?

    computech911 Novice


      Hello Guys,



      I have sucessfully installed ESXi on the ML150G6 without any issues. However it refuses to see the RAID controller/logical drives and instead sees only the hard drives directly. It creates an individual datastore for each hard drive. I need to make use of fault tolerance so this doesn't work for me.



      I assumed all the Proliant G6 servers supported ESXi fully, so it is my fault for not doing the doing the research before hand. After speaking with HP they informed me that the ML150G6 model is the only HP Proliant G6 that does NOT

      support ESXi v4, and I imagine that is because of the RAID controller (Smart Array B110i). Interesting enough the ML150G6 fully supports ESX just not ESXi. After looking on the VMware compatibilty guide it appears that only the HP Smart Array E-series controllers are supported so I am still puzzled why the Smart Array B110i works on ESX but not ESXi. Do I need to break down and buy one of these controllers for my ML150G6? (over $500). Or is there a driver I can install manually for ESXi to make this work?












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