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    Windows Server 2003 Guest OS not shutting down cleanly on Windows 2008 Standard host with VWARE Server 2.0

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      I've done a search on "Server 2.0 clean shut down" and have been unable to find an easy solution.



      I'm currently looking for a way for VMWare Server 2.0 to do a clean "shut down" (not just a "power off"), but a clean shut down of all guest OS's, before the Host server shuts itself down (during a host shutdown or host reboot).


      When I shut down or restart the host, I want all VMs to shut down "cleandly" and orderly first.


      I don't want a hard "power off" on the VM's, but instead want a nice clean shut down of the guest operating system.


      I've read several posts concerning this, but have been unable to find a clear-cut answer.




      automatically PAUSING the VMware Server Guest OS upon Host OS shutdown







      I was hoping that someone could at least give me a simple and clear cut answer, or at least point me to a link/page that has a clear cut answer.


      I know GSX Server used to do this, but that was ages ago.  I'm just trying to figure out how to do a nice clean guest VM shut down (not power off, but "soft" shut down) on each guest OS (VM) automatically before the host server itself shuts down or reboots.


      Every post I have found seems to be left "unanswered" with no solution found, or no answer given.








      I did click on the "host server" in the VMWare Infrastructure Web Access, and did mess around with  "Edit Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown" under Configure Options.  I did "Specified Order" and listed the servers in order, and I set "startup" to "enabled" and set "startup delay" to 120 seconds and on "shutdown" I set it to "shut down guest" and on Shutdown delay I set it to 240 seconds.



      There is only one guest OS at this point, but it doesn't seem like Windows 2008 Standard (the host operating system) waits the full 240 seconds, or properly shuts down the guest OS (cleanly).  Instead it terminates the process, and then shuts down rather quickly, and when I go back into the guest OS (after a reboot of the Host) it always complains about "reason for unexpected shutdown" (in Windows 2003 Server guest os).



      So for some reason, VMWare Server 2.0 is not cleanly shutting down the Server 2003 guest os. 



      I do have the "Allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system" box checked.  I did set the "default startup delay" to 120 seconds.  I did set the "default shutdown delay" to 240 seconds, and set the "Shut down action" as "Shut down guest".  Is that all I need to do?  Any ideas as to what is going wrong, or how I would fix this?