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        bobby311 Enthusiast

        well i just got back from taking the loooooooongest test of my life


        test start: 12:45ish test end 4pm



        it was definitely a great Installation & Configuration test



        if you took the VCP 3 test then you should expect the same....questions on max & minimums, a few questions with pics, a few situational questions



        i flew through the first 100 questions, started on the next 50 , got through them, the next 50 i had to start reading the questions twice cause i was just exhausted, then hit the 'homestretch' of 70 questions  lol



        all the questions were very easily answered, no trick questions, everything was pretty fair.



        def some that i did not know, but will look up


        one thing that i always wondered is why there are not many technical questions like real life everyday questions and command line questions...i dunno


        the worst part of the test is after 270 questions and 3 hours of my butt in a chair, you finish the test and all it says "THANK YOU!" talk to you in 6-8 weeks

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          nicholas1982 Hot Shot


          Completed the VCP411 beta exam today, and used the whole 4 hours.. All can say all the content i studied extra hard on might helped me for about only 20 of the 270 questions, unlike others I didn't get much on Config maximums. Unfortunately I i was asked alot on stuff didn't prepair for. http://communities.vmware.com/images/emoticons/angry.gif



          Does anyone know what the passing mark is anyway, how many are you allowed to get wrong and still pass the exam?



          Thanks. Nicholas



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            drexciya Hot Shot

            I don't know whether we did the same test because I got a totally different impression:

            First off this test should map to the vSphere IC&M course. There was a number of questions which was way beyond what people learn during

            the IC&M course. Also when compared with the previous exam I think this exam has some questions on more advanced topics.

            There's still too many factoids - stupid knowledge questions. I read the manuals before doing an installation and before buying hardware, so

            no need to know that by heart.

            Some of the questions and answers were rather vague or formulated in a cryptic way. For non-native speakers this is a pain. Note that this has been a killer

            for Microsoft exams for MCSE/MCSA 2003 certification as well. It shouldn't be an exam covering reading skills.


            I'm wondering what the aim is of this exam, if you want to make things harder or have more knowledgeable people; create better exams.

            Or come up with a VCP+. This exam should become an entry-level certification in that case.


            Also I'm not impressed with the time between the beta and the live exam, only about 2-3 weeks. I have serious doubts about the difference between the beta and

            live exam, except for the number of questions.

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              Mizzou_RobMan Hot Shot

              I totally agree with drexciya's comment regarding time between beta and GA. We basically get to wait for 3-4 weeks after GA before we find out if we need to retake.



              The short notice was annoying as I tried to schedule as soon as I received the invite and there were only 3 days open over the two week period. The closest testing center that had any openings was 2 hours away, so I took it as late as I could (7/16/09).



              I'm glad I took time to take the test and thought it was similar to VI3. I was glad to have less reading on some of the scenario questions.  It was a fair test for the most part.

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                jonhall Expert

                Hi all,


                The test is designed to map to the VCP on vSphere 4 blueprint, which is posted in the documents section of the forum and available for download off the Certification portion of the website.  The blueprint is created by determining what a minimally qualified VCP candidate should know.  Once we make that determination, we survey a large group of existing VCPs to get feedback on whether the test objectives are complete, too difficult, etc.  The vSphere ICM course teaches many of the same topics on the blueprint, but a comparison between the two shows some areas that are not in the course.  This was the same as the VCP on VI3, where about 15% of the material was expected to be gained outside of the VI3 I&C course.


                The beta is designed to weed out items that are determined to be beyond the scope of the blueprint.  As a result, some of the items that may have been overly difficult will be weeded out, likely some of the maximum type questions as well (although the survey participants felt that some of these maximums should be well known).


                Overall, both ends of the spectrum should compose a small percentage of the overall item pool, leaving us with a good set of items to base the actual exam on.


                Also, although we open registration for the live exam fairly soon, the exam dates are a little further out, so that we have adequate time to review the beta results.




                Jon C. Hall                                                                          

                Technical Certification Developer                              

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                  jonhall Expert



                  It is almost impossible to answer this question until the beta results are reviewed.  We have no idea until we do the review which items will be removed, and these are items you could have scored correctly or incorrectly.  What I can tell you is that in a beta exam there are so many items that you can miss quite a few and still pass.  So sometimes you have better odds in a beta than you do in the actual exam (sometimes).




                  Jon C. Hall                                                                          

                  Technical Certification Developer                              

                  Office: 727-446-8430

                  Mobile: 727-460-8448

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                    bobby311 Enthusiast

                    For the beta exam you can miss 81 questions and still pass as 189/270 = 70%

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                      Mizzou_RobMan Hot Shot

                      I thought the pass/fail was based on a curve for the beta and 70% was for the final GA test?

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                        rboyett Enthusiast


                        I took the exam at the very last time possible.



                        One request for VMware.  For the love of God, schedule a bathroom break when you do a four hour exam.  However, on the bright side, sitting through that made sitting through the 2 and a half hour Harry Potter movie quite easy.....






                        I spent the two days before the test going over some training slides that were based on the Beta.  There were quite a few changes from the Beta to the final release (like licensing) but it was helpful. 






                        I won't know until August, but I think I passed.



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                          weinstein5 Guru

                          No it is not a curve either - if you see Jon Hall's response earlier in the thread the Beta is handled differently and this is why it take a while to score - not only it is used to test knowledge but identify what questions are to be used and if their weighting is approriate -





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                            jonhall Expert

                            While this is not entirely accurate, as VMware uses a scaled scoring method (see my post:  http://communities.vmware.com/thread/221038?tstart=0 ), this does point out that you can miss a proportionately larger number of items and still pass the beta.  Because we use a scale and because certain items will be dropped as we review, it is hard to say just how many items you could have missed, but the number should be not too far off of Bobby's count.



                            Jon C. Hall

                            Technical Certification Developer

                            VMware, Inc.

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                              Mizzou_RobMan Hot Shot

                              Thanks Jon!  I apologize I didn't fully read your response earlier to nicholas1982 and the curve thought came from a post on a different site.

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                                TaupoJohn Enthusiast


                                How will we get the results from the beta exam? Do we just sit tight and wait for an email? Or do we have to look here for a posting?









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                                  florasburg Novice


                                  I was also wondering how we'll find out the results? Do I need to keep checking in here or somewhere else? Any idea yet when the results will be available yet?



                                  Thanks in advance,



                                  Paul Martin



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                                    SimonLong Hot Shot
                                    VMware Employees


                                    I'm guessing they will either send you the results or email them




                                    Regards Simon



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