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        RaleighJon Lurker

        i am having the exact same issues, and i'm pretty sure it's looking at the wrong database, it keeps saying it can't find object VPX_SAMPLE_TIME1 when it's clearly there.  where do i check what database it's pointing to and change it?  i am by no definition a DBA...

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          Box293 Hot Shot





          Your solution fixed the problem. For some reason SQL agent stopped. Started and service and set it to restart the service on failure. Ran the agent jobs and data appeared.



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            stratolynne Hot Shot


            I'm having the same problem with Virtual Center 2.5 Build 147633 Copyright 2009



            Put these scripts into SQL and executed them.













            Which database should they be executed to?  vmupmgrdb or vcdb?



            Is there a specific order of execution?



            Is there one script that executes all the appropriate procedures (like in the installation)?



            Appreciating any assistance in getting this working.















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              dickybird Hot Shot


              It should be run on your VC Database. The name you have selected during installation. You can also verify the name of Database you are using by going to ODBC connection and looking for the Database name in config to be sure.



              By looking at the names provided by you , the VCDB maybe your VC database while the other one sounds like VC update manager



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