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    VMWare on CentOS 5.3 x86_64 > Guest OS won't install as 64bits

    nataklug Novice


      Hello all,



      This is my first message here and I am having a problem concerning VMWare Server. I have a linux box running CentOS v5.3 x86_64 with VMWare Server v2.0.1, also x86_64. VMWare was installed using RPM Package.



      The problem is that I can't install a guest os as 64 bits os. I am trying to create a Virtual Machine using Guest OS Operation System as Linux 2.6 (64 bits) and this is not working (I have tryed every other 64 bits linux). What can I do to solve it? This is a screenshot of the error I get into centos instalation:









      I would be very happy if someone can give me a tip for what to do...



      PS.: Using 32bits CentOS I can install and run it.









      Nataniel Klug