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    SuperMicro H8QME-2, 4x Shanghai, ICP Vortex 5085BR SAS Controller?

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      I've go two of the systems you can see in the subject. I'm currently trying to evaluate ESX 4 / VSphere, which is not possible because it seems the storage controller "ICP Vortex 5085B_R_" is not supported in 4.0 (although it was in 3.5i, please see http://www.vm-help.com/esx/esx3i/Hardware_support.php). Another model of the same ICP series is the ICP 5085B_L_, which is even officially supported by "aacraid version



      Why? The way a driver talkes to either the BL or BR models differs probably only by the deviceID - so why are not both models supported? Above all there is even a 3rd party ESX driver available from the adaptec website.



      Please help me to get my configuration to work without changing hardware parts. How could I e.g. modify the install DVD to include and probe the 3rd party drive?



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      p.s.: In my opinion the controller is identical to the quite common IBM ServeRaid 8s, which is of course supported.

      p.s: To get the installer running on the H8QME-2, set the following options in BIOS: Operating System - LINUX (vs. OTHER), ACPI - 2.0 (vs. 1.0 / 3.0), USB 1.1 - disabled (vs. Enabled)