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    VM is frozen - can't kill it with several different methods!

    ahahum Novice






      I have an Ubuntu Server VM running on 1 of my ESX 4.0 boxes that I can't do anything with.  It shows that it is running, but I am not able to turn it off, reset it, snapshots, backup with VDR - anything!  When I try to perform an action on it, it says "Another task is already in progress."  I've looked through the events of the VM and there are no hung tasks.






      Here are the steps I've tried.






      1.   vmware-cmd <VM config file path & name> stop hard



      2.  vm-support -X <VMID> - this doesn't work because if I run this without the VMID it doesn't even list the server I'm trying to kill in there.



      3.  kill -9 PID - this doesn't work because it says there is no such process.



      This is a fresh install of ESX, not an upgrade.



      Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can get this VM out of it's frozen state?  






      Thanks in advance!