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    ESX 3.5 How vcpu uses physical CPU and Cores

    ericsowa Novice


      We are a little confused how physical cpu and cpu cores work when we provision vm's. I have done a tone of reading these past few days and I want to make sure we are doing this correct. In one cluster we have 3 HP DL 585G2 quad dual core servers. When we build a windows web server VM the idea here is to assign it two vcpu's since that is what we had when we bult physical servers. Now does each vcpu get bound to a physical processor or does both vcpu's live on a single processor or core. I wonder if we are over provisioning vCPU's to vm's. We have some vm's that are quad processors.  






      I started to look at this vmware KB artical Scheduler Cell Size on Six-Core Processors. Currently our esx servers are sert to VMkernel.Boot.cpuCellSize=0. Is that a issue?