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    VMware Host Agent suddenly refusing to start

    tomaddox Hot Shot

      I've been running VMware Server 2.0 on Vista x64 for a few weeks with no problem.  Yesterday, it was working fine, then something apparently happened, and I could no longer access the management interface.  Some reading of threads and investigation led me to discover that the VMware Host Agent was not started.  When I tried to start it manually, the service started briefly, then halted; after that, when trying to start the service, I received an error message that indicated that the service could not start and to "refer to service-specific error code -1."  This pattern continues currently:  if I leave the service alone for a period of time, it will briefly start then stop; if I try to start it shortly thereafter, I get error code -1.


      I have repaired the installation, and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail.  Also disabled antivirus software (avast!), same result.


      Any thoughts?