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    Web UI - No login. Stuck with "Loading..."

    henkj Lurker








      I have vmware-server 2 installed on 2 different hosts, one Debian 4 Etch and one Ubuntu  8.10 desktop. Both servers have installed properly and i have been able to reach the UI. And sometimes i can now to. But 95% of the time im stuck with a "Loading..." website name and empty website. That little login screen never appears. It is simply a blank screen named "Loading...". I can wait for ages but nothing happens. Is there anyone who knows of a solution for this problem? 






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          leachyboy2001 Lurker

          I have the same issue with 2.0.1 on Ubuntu 9.04  I go to the web ui and the login boxes never load, it just says loading...

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            puzzledtux Hot Shot


            I think this has been a problem right from the start, it loads perfectly sometimes and other days it just keeps on loading. I face this problem also using firefox web browser. To resolve this issue, I have to hit the refresh (CTRL+F5) key continously few times and then the login screen appears!!



            PS: I prefer firefox over IE to manage the web console, its way to fast than IE



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              AGTCooke Novice

              Any updates or insights into this one? I'm experiencing similar behavior on VMWare Server 2 hosted on Windows 2008.


              Case A: Page sits at "Loading.." for greater than 60 seconds in both IE and Firefox.

              Case B: Page does not load (times out) in both IE and FF current.


              In both cases, IE, FireFox, and Java are all up to date.



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                Knobee Enthusiast


                Similar but different problem.  I get stuck at "Loading..." when attempting to access the datastores (change ISO images, etc)..



                Server 2 is completely unusable because of this.



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                  sebastian85 Lurker

                  Hello at all,


                  i had the same problem with "no login screen visible" sometimes.




                  I solved the problem for today, by editing the proxy.properties file  under /etc/vmware/webAccess/.










                  I changed the following line:




                  • proxy.noCache = false




                  • proxy.noCache = true


                  After a restart of vmware-mgmt service the login screen appears.


                  - tested on 3 systems with firefox 3.x -

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                    cheater00 Lurker

                    Hi guys,


                    I am having the exact same problem running today's version of VMWare Server under a Windows XP Pro 32 SP3 host. I am unable to access the user interface.

                    This is what I tried:


                    *accessing from the same machine and from a networked one

                    *using the https and http ports

                    *using Firefox, IE7 and Google Chrome on both computers. Yes, both Java and JavaScript are on.

                    *using the ip and workgroup name/'domai name'

                    *restarting the services, repeatedly

                    *restarting tomcat using the application provided by VMWare, multiple times

                    *updating Java to today's version

                    *reinstalling VMWare Server

                    *looking at the logs under

                    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server

                    they seem to only update when the host machine is restarted

                    *looking at the logs under

                    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\tomcat-logs

                    without having found anything at al; the only ones that are not empty are





                    *I tried the suggestions here, however they do not apply since VMWare is in a Windows environment. There is no proxy.properties file and proxy.xml hasn't got any similar setting.

                    One thing I noticed is that when I open the page in FF and view the source, all the HTML and scripting is in place and fully downloaded - so I think it's the UI that fails to initialize itself for some reason, or maybe some ajax component cannot access the server..

                    Please help - I am getting desperate with this - If nothing good comes out of it I might have to abandon VMWare for some time


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                      jacobspj Lurker

                      He guys, perhaps a solution to this annoying problem:


                      I'm running Fedora 10, VMWare Server 2.0 and Firefox 3.0.13 and run into the same issue.




                      For me it seemed to be related to the IcedTea Java Web Browser Plugin of Firefox. After disabling it, I was finally presented with the login dialog and everything worked fine.



                      Plugin seems to enable itself every now and then. Resolved it by uninstalling the ice package alltogether.



                      Hope this will help you.

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                        Hamorama Lurker


                        I had the exact same issue after updating VMWare Server.  Problem appeared in both Firefox 3.5.2  and IE8.  Examining the error reports in the page source showed problems with scipts jslib.js and wbc.js.  Clearing the browser cache fixed the problem for me - this fix worked in both browsers.



                        I can't take credit for finding this on my own...after much web searching I found an offhand reference to it in another post.  I never would have guessed it, but it worked for me.



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                          mscoxoh Novice

                          Thanks, Sebastian85. I gave it a whirl myself and so far so good.

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                            digiground Lurker


                            proxy.noCache = true



                            FIXED on Ubuntu Server 10.4 64 bit ( managed to install via guide at http://risesecurity.org/2010/04/02/vmware-server-2-0-2-update-patch-2/) but then came to the dreaded loading...   Changing the proxy cache to off and rebooting the server, not just the service, clearing the cache of my browsers, verified workins in Firefox and Chrome in Ubuntu 10.4 desktop.