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    ESXi on home network

    dooncomputer Novice


      I installed ESXi on DL380 G3 connected to existi.ng home network and I can connect /manage thru a workstation running windows XP (COMPUTER1) with VI client etc.



      The problem is I am UNABLE to connect/access my COMPUTER1 from COMPUTER2 (using wireless or connected) any other machine n my network which I was able to do before without any issue.



      I want to able to connect to my HOST (ESXI mcahine) from COMPUTER1 and also connect to COMPUTER1 from COMPUTER2 (standard XP mahine)?



      Any comments/feedback would be appreciated!









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          dooncomputer Novice


          Additional info.



          My home network has D-LINK router with two computer connected via RJ45 and I also have laptop connected to network via Wireless. My laptop I can/connect browse INTERNET but unable to connect/see shared drive (or can not even PING) my computer1 where VI installed and use to connect to ESxi.



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            ChristopherBailey Novice

            How did you setup the networking when you installed ESXi? Did you use DHCP or configure a static IP address? Can you check your router to make sure that it's leasing an ip address to the host system?

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              dooncomputer Novice


              First, many thanks for your response.



              I used the DHCP whe installed/configured the  network on esxi.



              This is another problem. using this workstation (XP) I can not login to my ROUTER which is 192.168.0,.1 This w/s has ip address (Ethernet) of, subnet mask og and Default gateway of, DHCP= and DSN=



              I can/will use another computer(laptop) connected wireless to check ROUTER config?



              Hope this help to help me?









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                ChristopherBailey Novice

                I could be mistaken about this as I'm certainly no network expert. But if your default gateway is, wouldn't that be the IP address of your router?

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                  dooncomputer Novice


                  I did check my ROUTER and it does NOT have IP assigned to ESXi HOST? I am not sure how it got the is it from localhost.gateway.2wire.net as it shows up as HOST NAME???



                  Here is my setup:


                  HomeNetwork: D-LINK 655- Wireless Router

                  Router Setting as follow:


                  IP Range Assigned= -


                  2-Computers running Windows XP connected thru D-LINK router i.e Computer1 ( & Computer2 (

                  1-Laptop (Windows XP) connected via Wireless - Computer 3


                  ESXi installed on DL380-G3

                  2 NIC - Only 1 connected to D-LINK Router

                  Network configuration: Use Dynamic IP Address and network configuration

                  IP address assigned/given by installation=


                  Computer1 has VI installed and I can connect/manage the HOST (ESXi) thru COMPUTER1 but COMPUTER2 can not access/PING COMPUTER1 neither COMPUTER3 (Connected via Wireless) can see/access COMPUTER1 or HOST ( I am not too familiar with network setting and any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


                  let me know if you have any question and/or require additional info.


                  Best Regards.



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                    dooncomputer Novice

                    I guess I found the issue but not sure....


                    I have Bell Network DSL MODEM (capable of routing I think etc.) In front of that I have D-LINK

                    I guess the Bel DSL MODEM is and may be configured for DHCP etc. I never used/setup/configured aware of that until today.. I have to investigate it further. If it is correct some how the ESXi host getting the IP address from my DSL MODEM/router not D-LINK IS it possible?



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                      ChristopherBailey Novice

                      Yeah it looks like that is what is happening. I don't think I know enough about networking to solve that problem without being there =(

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                        dooncomputer Novice

                        Thanks very much for your responses. I guess I need to configure my Bel Router to DISBALE DHCP and only use D-LINK. Also I found my mistake that one of the wire was going to my BELL router....



                        Many thanks for your replies!




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