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    Win 2008 VMs reporting issue with \Device\RaidPort0

    danpalacios Hot Shot


      We are running ESX 3.5 u3 and have an issue on some of our 2008 vms.  It is causing BSOD and reboots.  The error logs give us the following:



          "The driver has detected that device \Device\RaidPort0 has old or out-of-date firmware. Reduced performance may result."



      Buried in the debug is the line:






      I have found a couple of threads linking to KB article 950772 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950772/en-us) and the associated hotfix.  We applied this hotfix and still appear to be getting the issue.  Is this a problem with our VMTools?  Is there a specific version of VM hardware we should be using?