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    Dell GX 755 ESXi V4 install problems

    cobera Novice


      Hello all,



      I have a question reguarding installing ESXi 4.0 to a Dell GX 755.  It seems to always fail encountering an error "unable to find supported device to write the EXS Server image to"



      Has anyone ran into this?  I have tried ESXi V3.5.0 back to version 2.5x  All seem to fail the same way (with the same error)  I'm running a sata 160G drive 2Gb ram Core2Duo I believe it is a 6850



      I have tried with multiple diffrent settings within the bios.  As well as blowing away the existing windows partition (leaving an unpartitioned drive)



      This is my test box before I install it on my DL380's and 2950's



      Thank you