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    Dell Optiplex GX280 4GB RAM Installed but only 3GB shows

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      I have four (4) Dell Optiplex GX280s each with 4 GB RAM (4 x 1GB sticks). The BIOS (A08) reports 4 GB but ESXi reports 3 GB. I was reading ths thread http://communities.vmware.com/message/1131089 but I did not find any BIOS settings as suggested by:






      Bviper - "You might want to look in your BIOS for a "memory remapping" feature. I had this exact same problem on an Asus motherboard, took me forever to dig through the BIOS to find where to turn it off, but once I did the full 4GB was reported. "






      Is there a way to get the GX280 to recognize the 4 GB RAM? Thanks for any assistance.