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    Running ESXi 4.0 on Intellistation M Pro (6225-27G) with 4GB of memory

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      I am currently testing ESXi on an IBM Intellistation M Pro (6225-27G) with some extra memory. I have upgraded total system memory to 4GB but ESXi can only detect 3GB during boot. I checked BIOS and the full 4GB is detected OK. There are few variables I can change in BIOS, I have updated to latest revision 1.41. I have also been reading (googling) up on the issue and I came accross this thread:






      BIOS finds 4GB and there is no setting to change "memory remapping" in BIOS. Should I boot up with lets say a Linux live CD to confirm that a os can see the all memory? To rule out hardware/other OS.



      Anyone seen this before?