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    Quest for decent SATA/SAS RAID card with CIM monitoring for ESXi - Options?

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      So I have now tried the Adaptec 2405 and LSI 8704ELP cards for ESXi. The Adaptec is screamin fast. But has no CIM managment (can't see in ESXi if a drive has failed). The LSI 8704ELP has BBU option and CIM monitoring. But I am getting less than half the drive I/O than the 2405 (260 MB/s compared to the LSI ~120 MB/s).



      Are there any other choices for SAS/SATA RAID with CIM monitoring? Am I the only one trying to do hardware RAID with some sort of monitoring on ESXi? I surely cannot be the only one...



      What are others using for their hardware RAID in ESXi?