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    Configure auditd daemon in ESX3i

    sandya Novice


      Hi All,






      Is it possible to configure audit on ESX 3i.






      Thanks in advance



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          ESXi does not have a Service Console like the classic ESX and the unsupported Busybox console should not be used to install any type of 3rd party tools (it probably would not install anyways). If you need to run audits on your configurations, you could use vCLI's esxcfg-cfgbackup and perhaps diff the esx.conf configuration from time to time or enforce strict change management control. I believe there are some 3rd party utilities like Tripwire's config check but I don't believe it supports ESXi and others may not as well. If you're using vSphere, you can take a look at host profiles for a way of enabling and tracking changes to your ESX(i) systems, but for 3i you might be limited.


          You could also take a look at this VMware Health Check script I wrote, it documents the majority of the configurations on ESX(i) host and you might be able to keep records of the changes or perhaps modify the script to extract the information you need through the VI API: VMware Health Check Report v0.9.5






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            sandya Novice

            thanks for your reply.From  your message i got like we can't audit the ESX 3i box as we can did in ESX 3.x box.Using only third party tools only we can run an audit.But one small clarification if we are using some third part tool daemon running will not be the authd right ?

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              sandya Novice


              thanks for your reply.



              As per your comment we can perform audit through some third party tools.Because not availbility of service console we can't install third party tools mostly.correct me if i am wrong.