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    ESXi 4 install does not complete

    skillam Novice


      Hi Everyone,



      I'm attempting to install ESXi 4 however I'm running into some issues.



      I reach the initial boot loader screen and select the ESXi Installation option. From there, a series of files are loaded on a black screen with many ..... (periods) representing progress. Once this completes, I reach a black and yellow screen with a progress bar at the bottom. This appears to complete on the step: loading dvfilter successful (or something like this). At this point, the server reboots and the install progress begins again at the beginning. Am I missing something with this? Any help is most certainly appreciated.



      IBM xseries 346 with 2 x Xeon 3.6GHz CPU



      8GB RAM



      6 x 73GB SCSI HDD's configured in a RAID 5 with one hot spare.