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    ESXi 4 Support for Adaptec Unified SAS/Sata 2xxx 3xxx and 5xxx

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      G'day All,



      Well today we got around to looking at ESXi 4.0. So decided to install on a brand new Intel SR2600(S5520UR MB), with an Adaptec 2405.



      Surpisingly the ICH10 controller is recognised but not the Adaptec, looking closely at the HCL, it seems that none of the Adaptec  Unified controllers are supported, which was a shock, as they were all fully supported(Now) with 3.5 Update4.



      So does anyone have any ideas as to why? Considering the rhetoric for vSphere was "more supported device" it is weird to lose an entire manufacturer.... It can't be 64Bit support, as Adaptec have a 64Bit driver.



      We managed to get the installer to work under ICH10, but of course it still doesn't see the Adaptec.



      At this stage we will roll back to ESXi 3.5 U4, but I hope this is a temporary issue resolved in vSphere 4.0 U1?



      Seeing as Adpatec have released a premature press release..... which says " via an in-box driver," So that is weird, not sure what "box" they mean, becuase it's not in their downloads, KB, VMware HCLor the shoebox in my closet.






      rgds Ben.