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    Yet another ESXi whitebox system  $850 (new) - 1TB Hardware RAID

    Rob999 Lurker



      Built a new whitebox ESXi system yesterday.



      $850, all new hardware, dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB RAID 1, power effecient



      • ASUS P5QL PRO motherboard (1 LGA775 socket, Intel P43 chipset, 4 DIMM RAM, 1 - 16x PCIe, 3 - PCI, 2 - 1 x PCIe, up to 16GB DDR2 RAM, up to 1600MHz FSB) $84.50

      • Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66G (1066Mhz FSB) w/retail box fan $119

      • Kingston 4GB KIT KHX8500D2K2/4G RAM $60

      • Enermax EPR425AWT pro82+ 425w ATX power supply $90

      • Cooler Master RC-335-KKN1-GP tower case $45

      • Adaptec 2405 RAID controller (8x PCIe, w/4 head SATA cable) $227

      • Intel Pro/1000 GT PCI Ethernet adapter PWLA8391GT $30

      • 2 x WD 1TB WD10EACS SATA2 7200rpm "Green" SATA HDDs $199 (for both)


      I added a couple parts I already had: CD-ROM (basic IDE), a cheap PCI video card and an Adaptec AHA24x0 SCSI card (not yet in box).


      This is running RAID1 in hardware so no fooling around with trying to get drivers in to ESXi, etc. You could do this for a lot less if you bought a cheaper RAM, power supply and no hardware RAID.



      Works great!