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    User profile on data disk not working

    Brian Knutsson Enthusiast





      I hope  that someone can help.



      I installed VMware View, and I am having truble getting the data disk working.



      I am using Automated Pool with Linked clones, and it seams to work ok. The Customization part is taking a little long, but I can understand that it is normal.



      If I connect to a VM, and change ex: the wallpaper and create a outlook profile, and add some icons to my desktop it is keept if I log out and back in.



      But everything is destroyed if I change the OS image, or do a Image refresh. I cannot figure out why .. Please help. I am still running on trial licenses as this is a proof of concept installation.



      Another thing I noticed is that my documents folder is not redirected to the data disk.. I am not sur, but as I understand it should be, so maybe nothing is redirected to the data disk, and that is why it is not working.... but why?