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    Installing VMware tools in Ubuntu 9.04 desktop

    willabrownmd Lurker


      I have Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit installed in a virtual (Fusion 2.0.4)  and then I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 but I can't figure out how to install VMware tools. I have a 15" 2.93 ghz macbook pro with 4gb ram ... I have Vista 64 bit installed on Bootcamp and in virtual as well.  Ubuntu seems to be working OK, but I can't install the tools, clicking on install and nothing happens. There is a CDrom icon on the desktop, Clicking on that, I can see a File called "VMwaretools-7.9.3-159196.tar.gz" but clicking on it opens a read only file???  I followed what online procedures I could find such as going in admin login and such ... but nothing has worked.



      Anybody know what I can do?   I know nothing about linux, or Ubuntu ... so far this has not been fun!