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    Vmware esx3i, Update 4, Powershell

    4olle Novice


      I use Powershell to backup some of my development servers once a week, after applying update 4 this does not work anymore, yes I’m certain it did work before update 4.

      When I noticed that it didn’t work anymore I tested some of the commands manually, one of the first is to shutdown the guest. When I try to do that now I get this: "Operation 'Shutdown VMGuest' failed for VM 'my-happy-server' for the following reason: fault.RestrictedVersion.summary"


      I did a few searches and there are some notes about licensing. I didn’t get what’s what… I registered to download and got a serial, so I’m a free user I guess using a user serial. I use VMware ESX Server 3i, 3.5.0, 158869



      Ehhh… so what gives?