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    VMware Infrastructure and NEC FlexPower Server?

    adnanj Lurker

      Has anyone had any experience with NEC FlexPower Server with VMware infrastructure?


      I'm planning to implement VMware infrastructure in our organization to

      replace around 12 to 15 physical servers, and another 15 for any future

      needs with HA features. I'm working for a SMB, i think NEC FlexPower

      would be very suitable and cost effective for VMWare Infrastructure

      implementation, however this would be my first ever NEC server just

      wanted to be sure if this is a right product?


      Although I feel NEC FlexPower is pretty amazing solution for most of

      SMBs, its a 6U box, supports upto six Server Compute Modules and 14 SAS

      2.5 hard disk drives and integrated SAN.

      More information: NEC FlexPower Server (http://www.nec-computers.com/287/products/servers/FlexPower-vServer.htm)