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    Getting write access to the VI API to allow shutting down of an ESXi server via VI Toolkit

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      APC Shutdown for 3i


      Refering to the link above and specifically the following statement "VMware ESXi 3.5u4 was just released and the internal API seems to have been fixed and exposed VI API will have only read-only access when using the free licensed version of ESXi".



      I have been doing some playing with ESXi 3.5u4 and using the VI Toolkit to connect to the 3i host. I have been unable to shutdown the ESXi host as it gives me the error "fault.RestrictedVersion.summary".



      I understand the issue (see this link fault.RestrictedVersion.summary).



      My question is how do I pay to make this work (what agents do I need to buy).



      In my scenario (small customer under 15 users) I have a physcial terminal server and I want to implement SBS on a 3i box. I want to be able to issue a shutdown command to the 3i box from the terminal server using the VI toolkit.



      So am I able to purchase an agent / license to enable write access to the API?



      My initial thoughts were:



      • I need to buy a VirtualCenter host license for this 3i box.

      • Then it would no longer be free and I could "write" to the API?

      • I assume on the SBS box I wouldn't need to install virtual center, just the licensing service so I had somewhere to point the 3i box to for a license location

      • Or can the VirtualCenter host license be provided as a serial number?


      Any other thoughts or suggestions?


      I quite like the VI Toolkit to be able to issue the shutdown command, in turn it will shutdown the guest VM for me.