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    cannot power off vm due to vmx error

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      I have a server 2003 vm which was working fine until i used the connect cd/dvd button to connect a client cdrom drive to the vm. The client device is a usb cdrom attached to my desktop computer.



      Now the vm shows as running, but if I try to edit any hardware settings I get "Operation failed since another task is in progress"  (this is for any task like trying to switch cdrom to use host, disconnecting a connected nic, powering off vm etc etc)



      So I cannot turn it off as I just want to delete it and rather use another test vm with host cdrom instead.



      I suspect issue in vmx file. When I try to connect to this vm's console I get "Error connecting to <vmx file path> because the VMX is not started"



      How do I regain control of this vm so that I can delete it from disk as I cannot turn it off to do this?



      Any help would be most appreciated,