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    Reseting Password in Windows on VMware

    bosscat77 Lurker

      Is there anyone who could tell me how to reset the password for the log in page for windows on the virtual drive, if there is I would greatly appreciate a response.

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          Jasemccarty Champion


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          When you say you need to reset a password, is it for a guest?



          What is the version of Windows?  XP Pro/Home when not in a domain, can be booted into safe mode, and then you can log in as Administrator, and reset a password.



          Have you looked for a Windows password reset utility?



          I'd start with Google...






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            ownergeek Lurker

            What you only need is PCUnlocker. This program comes as a bootable ISO image which contains a mini WinPE operating system along with password reset program. Just mount the ISO image file of PCUnlocker to your virtual CD drive and get the virtual machine to boot from CD/DVD, it allows you to reset forgotten Windows password quickly. This article How to Reset VMware Administrator Password explains the detail steps. Good luck!

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              MNagar Lurker

              PCUnlocker isn't a free product.

              Please find below a simple and FREE method to reset your WXP password.

              Hope this helps.


              This process works for both physical machines as well as Virtual VMWare Images.

              Here are the steps.

              1) First, if you are trying to recover / reset a password on a virtual VMWare image, you first mucy edit the *.vmx file that is found in your VMWare directory. Go to your VMWare image (on a Mac, right click on it and show package contents)

              2) Next Open a Terminal Windows (Control Panels – Terminal)

              3) Type sudo vi in the terminal window (Do Not press Return yet)

              4) Next, drag and drop the *.vmx file into the terminal window and hit return

              5) Edit this file and enter this information on the first line:

              bios.forceSetupOnce = “TRUE”

              6) Save and quit out of that VI session

              7) Next download the Offline NT & Password Registry Editor from here

              8 ) With you VMMachine shut down, start it and attach the ISO image that was unzipped from your download.

              9) When your VM Instance Boots, you will be in the BIOS. Change the BIOS settings so that your VM Image first boots from the CDROM. Then Save and Exit changes

              10) Reboot your VM image

              11) A CLI (Command Line Interface) will appear.

              12) Follow the steps outlined HERE. Pretty much take the defaults by simply pressing return.

              13) Eventually you will see a list of system user accounts. Select the user you want to clear the password and clear (delete) that password.

              14) Save quit and shutdown you VM image.

              15) Edit the *.vmx file again and change: bios.forceSetupOnce = “TRUE” to bios.forceSetupOnce = “FALSE”

              16) Save your changes and exit the VI session.

              17) Reboot

              18) Login