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    SCSI pass-through help

    antchen Novice


      I have a HP P600 Smart Array card on the same machine as my ESXi install.  I have existing RAID arrays on the device and I want to expose these to my VMs as local storage.  I tried to do this by appending my VM's VMX file with the following:



      scsi2.present = "true"

      scsi2:0.present = "true"

      scsi2:0.type = "scsi-passthru"

      scsi2:0.fileName = "/dev/disks/vmhba2\:0\:0\:0\:"



      Running fdisk -l shows the disk that I want at /dev/disks/vmhba2:0:0:0:



      When I try to power on the VM I keep getting errors, "The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered Off)"



      I tried replacing the fileName with /dev/disks/vmhba2:0:0:0 , /dev/disks/vmhba2:0:0:0:, , /dev/disks/vmhba2\:0\:0\:0\: and they all didn't work reporting the same error.



      When I change the fileName to "vmhba2:0:0:0:" I got a different error "/vmfs/volumes/.../vmhba2:0:0:0: (scsi2:0.fileName) isn't a valid non-disk scsi device.  Failed to configure scsi2.



      How do I expose this raid array to my VMs ??  I tried to create a RDM as well through vmkfstools but that keeps failing claiming that my output for the RDM is incorrect, "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/test.vmdk"