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    vmware workstation 6.5.1. on vista business 32bit freeze on log on

    holubo Lurker

      Hi i need a help with workstation installation

      im trying to install it on my notebook HP6530b with vista bussines

      after correct installation it shows a alert about restart so i click yes and then after reboot before that part of starting vista when you have to login

      i get only message "please wait" and HDD led shows still activity and after about 20 minutes it changes to a black screen with cursor and thats all no reaction more

      When i had XP on my notebook everything works fine

      i had all actual drivers , actual trial version from vmware.com

      my laptop has 2GB ram and i tried also to change memory settings in preferences to minimum

      in secure mode it is possible to run workstation

      some advice ?


      have a nice day