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    dictionary problem on Linux, but not on Windows host?

    GeroldGruber Lurker





      I have one VM Worktation (6.5.1, 64bit) on (debian) Linux, another on Vista64.



      When I try to start a team, that run the last time a few weaks ago on the same system on the same linux host under 6.5.0, I get now:



      Unable to open "[path_to_vmtm]": Dictionary problem



      The same effect for every single machine of the the team and the respective .vmx



      Then I moved that team to the vista host, had to confirm the changed location of the single  machines of the team, and everything runs fine.



      Other (single) machines that had run under 6.5.0 on the linux host run, as they did before.



      Any ideas what might be the problem?