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    3G umts modem briged

    nimfosant Lurker



      I have host OS WIN XP pro and guest OS WIN XP pro.



      On host OS I have 3G UMTS modem vmc.





      I can connect throw internet with my modem in 2 way:





      1.Using dial up connection





      2. using providers softweare





      So I connect to host OS to internet, in VM settings I bridge my modem but internet does't work.





      So can you please guide me step by step how to make internet access on my guest OS throw modem and dial up connection?





      I read something about using NAT but it did now work out.




      O also tried to add serial port but than I am not abble to use modem on my host OS

      I need internet trow this modem on both OS in the same time !!!



      I use vmware workstation 6



      Thanks for help

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          costan Lurker


          You can try to use NAT and internet connection sharing.


          I mean you set the IP address of VMnet8 (the NAT enabled adapter) to, then activating on 3G dial-up connection the internet connection sharing and specify the VMnet8 adapter. And in VM network you must set the network adapter's network connection to NAT