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    Attach USB devices to vms

    facundocanepa Lurker


      Hi, I´ve installed ESXi and been working for a while, but now I need to connect some usb devices to my virtual machines for testing purposes, is there any official way to do it?



      Does anyone know if the licenced version support it?



      In VMware workstation works fine, but I can´t do it on ESXi.



      Thanks in advance.






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          nick.couchman Champion


          ESX and ESXi do not support attaching USB devices to the VMs.  If you want to do this with VMs in ESX/ESXi, you'll need some sort of USB-over-Network server that allows you to do this.  Digi has the AnywhereUSB product, which is USB 1.1 only, and Silex has the SX2000-U2, which is USB 2-capable.



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