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    USB controller initialization failed

    zair Lurker


      We have Deployed R70 Media Encryption clients on all desktop and laptops.



      R70 Media Encryption is a USB monitoring software that is installed in windows XP PC. Above that i have installed VM ware :



      Version Details:



      VMware Workstation ACE Edition



      Version : 6.0.4 build -93057



      The User is binded with full access profile for Media Encryption Clients and is able to access all USB ports.



      When a guest OS  is booted with VMware..It shows an ERROR:


      "USB controller initialization failed. A supported host USB driver was not found. If you have installed USB traffic monitoring software on the host system, please remove it"


      "Virtual USB controller has been disconnected"



      Usb  is not detected in VMware.




      Any help is always appreciated.


      Cheers and thanks