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    Get RDM size

    gboskin Hot Shot


      Hi all and a happy new year to evryone..



      The Following script gives a good list of all the RDM ..






      $report1 = @()



      $vms = Get-VM |Sort Name -Descending | Get-View



      foreach($vm in $vms){



      foreach($dev in $vm.Config.Hardware.Device){



      if(($dev.gettype()).Name -eq "VirtualDisk"){



      *if(($dev.Backing.CompatibilityMode -eq "physicalMode") -or *



      ($dev.Backing.CompatibilityMode -eq "virtualMode")){



      $row = "" | select VMName, HDDeviceName, HDFileName, HDMode



      $row.VMName = $vm.Name



      $row.HDDeviceName = $dev.Backing.DeviceName



      $row.HDFileName = $dev.Backing.FileName



      $row.HDMode = $dev.Backing.CompatibilityMode



      +$report1 = $row















      $report1 | ConvertTo-Html -title "Virtual Machine information" -body "<H2>RDM information.</H2>" -head "<link rel='stylesheet' href='style.css' type='text/css' />" | Out-File -Append $filelocation






      is there a way i can get the actual size (capacity) of the RDms..????